Site Surveys & Testing

Site Audits (Data Centre, Suite, Rack, Network, including Retail outlets) and Preventative Maintenance Inspections (PMIs)

UTECH Global provides a comprehensive service that brings your infrastructure up to standard including supporting documentation in whichever application agnostic format your company adheres to.
Our team regularly undertakes detailed surveys of data centres, customer suites and even individual racks by verifying physical infrastructure and redlining documents to ensure customers have the latest network equipment and patches listed.

The audit enables you to see:

1. Rack Layouts
2. Power utilisation
3. Duct, cable basket and fibre raceway utilisation
4. Multi-core Fibre Utilisation on FDPs/ODFs
This information is vital for accurate forecasting, planning, operating, and optimising networks.
UTECHs preventative maintenance inspection service proactively identifies potential issues before they occur. 

Our service includes: 

1. Reviewing of racks to ensure the quality of cabling is being kept at a high-level with future growth at the forefront of design practices.
2. Ensuring documentation is up to date
3. Changing out of filters
4. General cleaning and maintenance of servers with compressed air
5. Periodic fibre light and copper continuity testing to ensure network performance is kept at an optimal level
6. Power readings to ensure available capacity
7. Routine Physical Inspections
8. Temperature readings


We have developed industry leading practices to ensure priority issues are highlighted early to avoid costly problems down the track. 

We provide full audited documentation which is presented in a logical, efficient and easy to understand manner.