WiFi Surveys


With large, complex wireless networks becoming more common, wireless surveys are now a common request globally.
We are continually improving our customers wireless networks by upgrading existing infrastructure (Access Points/Cabling) and installing additional Access Points to typically achieve between 30-50% increase in total coverage at each location. 
Our software of choice is Cisco Ekahau, using their own side kick. 
Hotels, Military Bases, Retail Outlets are all examples of customers we’ve serviced in this sector.


Our site survey reports by default will include the following items:

1. Heat Maps in various frequencies (most commonly: 2.4ghz and 5ghz)
2. Mounting locations
3. Description of cable paths
For more in-depth consultancy, we can also provide the following:
1. Detailed work plan (Scope of work) for a phased installation approach of Access Points
2. Required controller hardware for management and AP (Access Point) models
3. Recommendations for configuration based on unique needs
4. All required licensing and support
5. Support plan for ongoing management